Our Team

Tommy Ketsenberg, President/Founder

“Having lost a parent early in life due to violence I’ve found hockey to be a place to cope & build life-enhancing skills that I may not have experience otherwise. To form an organization that provides children who have experienced similar interest & life experiences the opportunity to have that same support group & place to learn life skills that will be of benefit to them later in life is very rewarding.”

Starting out as a roller hockey player at the age of 6 with the Tour Bandits and now still playing ice hockey at least one time a week, Tommy Ketsenburg has been a local hockey player for over 20 years. Fortunate enough to have held the position of Captain for Hazelwood Central’s Varsity Hockey Team (2005) & been awarded the Leadership Award for Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville’s Silver Hockey Team (2007), Tommy continues to empower the ManAdvantage team with his lead by example mentality. A husband, father & proud owner of two boxers, Tommy graduated from St. Louis Community College with his Associates Degree in Business Management in 2012 and is currently employed as an Account Manager for an industry-leading manufacturer of power & automation products.

Tom Arras, Vice President

“I was proud to be asked to serve on the board of ManAdvantage not only because of its worthy goals but because it was inspired and created by my own son.”

As the Vice President of ManAdvantage, there is little Tom Arras is not involved with. Since the organization’s inception, Tom has provided guidance including co-leading the organizations successful filing for 503c non-profit status. A husband, father of three, & grandfather of four Tom oversees all of the financial and legal facets of the organization. After graduation from Saint Louis University law school in 1986, Tom practiced law for five years and then worked for the Legal Department of the Saint Louis County Probate Division for eight years after which he was appointed as the Public Administrator for Saint Louis County in 1999 where he currently works today.

Tim McCarthy, Secretary & Outreach Coordinator

“Even though I was in my late 20s when I lost my father, I turned to hockey as my outlet. I am proud to be a part of ManAdvantage and am looking forward to seeing its positive impact throughout the hockey community.”

Beginning at Creve Coeur at the age of 9 and now still playing at least one time a week, Tim McCarthy has been a local hockey player for over 20 years. Fortunate enough to spend three seasons with the AAA Amateur Blues as well as the St. Louis Quebec PeeWee team, Tim leverages his local contacts to align ManAdvantage to the appropriate areas of the hockey community. Tim is a graduate of Saint Louis University (Psychology) and Lindenwood University (Masters of Business Administration) and married to his high school sweetheart as well as the father of (hopefully) a future hockey player. He is currently employed with Bank of America in addition to holding a leadership position within Passau Hockey.

Tim Good, Director of Fundraising

“I couldn’t be happier to be a part of an organization that is committed to helping children, burdened with the loss of a parent, learn life skills from sport that will be so valuable later in life.”

Tim Good grew up playing every sport under the sun except hockey. Nonetheless, he learned throughout the years that athletics help build many life skills that he would otherwise lack today if he was not an athlete. In his capacity as Director of Corporate Communications, Tim helps partner the organization with businesses who share similar strategic objectives as ManAdvantage. A husband and owner of two dogs who he considers his children, Tim graduated with a Masters in Accounting from University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2010 and currently is employed at Wells Fargo in their Insurance Services division.

Earl Muffett, Golf Tournament Coordinator

“When I was approached to be on the board of directors for ManAdvantage I felt very honored, because it made me think about what would have happened if ever I wasn’t around and my boys didn’t have youth hockey as a cornerstone in their lives. I believe in this program with all my heart.”

Having two sons he put through hockey programs since the age of 10, Earl has seen firsthand the life long friendships that develop because of hockey (both formed amongst the player and the parents) and believes that these experiences have made them better men in all aspects of their adult lives. As the Director of Fundraising, Earl plays a pivot role in securing the capital base that is critical to ManAdvantage’s mission. Earl’s leadership in the organization’s annual golf tournament cannot be overstated.

MA-footer-logov4ManAdvantage’s mission is to provide children affected by the death or disability of a parent with the opportunity to continue or begin their involvement in the sport of hockey, through the use of corporate sponsors and fundraising.